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Positive Testimonials From Rashad Blossom’s Clients Prove That Bankruptcy Can Be Solved

Posted on July 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

Bankrupt: It truly sounds worse than it is. In fact, individuals or companies considering making this filing will quickly see that the decision to do so lifts a burden so heavy that they thought there was no escaping. Those currently facing the crushing weight of past-due bills and debt collectors coming after resources that simply aren’t there feels like a vicious cycle. Rashad Blossom, whose Charlotte, North Carolina-based law firm has helped countless individuals facing the above problems, knows that there’s always hope on the horizon. When you choose to work with Mr. Blossom, he’ll help you reach that horizon. 

USA Today reports that medical debt is the no. 1 reason why Americans decide to file for bankruptcy. According to the article, “20 percent of Americans under 65 with health insurance had trouble paying their medical bills” during 2016. What’s more, roughly half of those people had burned up their savings and took on “an extra job to cover their costs.” There are other ways out of debt, according to Rashad Blossom, and actual testimonials from clients will prove this to be the case.  

“Honest, Detailed and Concerned”: “He answered all my questions and eased my concerns. I never had to leave him messages and wait for a long time to hear from him. … If you want a lawyer that is professional, honest, detailed and concerned for your case then he’s the lawyer for you,” Tiffany, a former client of Mr. Blossom’s, wrote in her positive testimonial of his services. 

Returned Calls Promptly”:The firm is very understandable and treated me with respect during this difficult decision. Service did not end once the initial process was completed. The firm remained responsive as issues arose and [Rashad Blossom] always returned calls promptly. I sincerely recommend the firm for anyone facing this type of decision.”

“No More Tax Debt”:After being hounded for state taxes, I went to see Mr. Blossom. He took care of everything, and I now have no more tax debt. He was the best to deal with! Thank you, Mr. Blossom!,” Martha, a former client, wrote in her testimonial about her experiences. 

As you can see from these actual testimonials, Rashad Blossom’s experience in the world of debt and bankruptcy means that he can deliver the results many thought were impossible. His desire to deliver these services stem from an upbringing that included hard-working parents who still struggled to make ends meet. If that sounds like your current situation, why not retain an attorney who knows where you’re coming from?