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Rashad Blossom Discusses the Most Important Qualities for a Bankruptcy Attorney to Have

Posted on March 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

Rashad Blossom

In Rashad Blossom’s experience in bankruptcy law, he has seen people in multiple stages of the process. In his consultations, he often hears from clients that they had a difficult time with the process of finding a bankruptcy attorney that they truly felt could help them with their circumstance. This makes sense to Blossom, who realizes that the path to finding the best bankruptcy lawyer can sometimes be lined with false hopes and bad fits. Rashad Blossom knows that the process of selecting the best bankruptcy lawyer for your specific case can be daunting if you are unsure of what qualities to look for and provides this list to assist that are currently looking.

Vast Knowledgebase

While Rashad Blossom believes that a vast knowledgebase and experience are important in any field of law, when dealing with bankruptcy these qualities cannot be emphasized enough. You need an attorney that has a lot of experience dealing with situations like yours and it is not the time to experiment with lawyers that do not have extensive experience in the specific field. When looking for a bankruptcy attorney, Rashad Blossom urges people to look at a few specifics. For example, how many years has your potential attorney been practicing bankruptcy law? How many cases do they handle? It is also good to know if they have handled Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings and how often they tend to be successful.

Good Reputation

Word of mouth and online reviews are extremely useful for figuring out the reputation of your potential bankruptcy attorney. You want a lawyer that is well respected and has a reputation for being just and dedicated to his or her field. Reviews on Better Business Bureau and other resources can be a great way to determine if the lawyer you are thinking of hiring has done well by their other clients. In a situation like dealing with bankruptcy filing and their direct conclusions, you need someone that will stand by you and give their all to the case.

Quality Personality

In order to have a strong working relationship with your bankruptcy attorney, you will need to be at ease and comfortable with them and the way they handle themselves. One of the most indispensable qualities of a suitable bankruptcy attorney is empathy. Rashad Blossom recognizes that empathy is important to have in the industry for several reasons. For example, for best results, an attorney needs to have a vested interest in your case and its success. The desire of an attorney to learn all of the surrounding information that they can and grow investment in seeing you achieve the best outcome you can is a clear sign of a quality professional. Rashad Blossom believes that what separates a good bankruptcy attorney from a great one is the ability to put themselves in your shoes and use it as a motivator to successfully handle your needs.